Panasonic Eneloop PRO Rechargeable Batteries (4 Pack) only $15.99 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Panasonic Eneloop PRO Rechargeable Batteries (4 Pack) only $15.99 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)


There are a lot of rechargable batteries in this world, but they are not all created equally. Welcome the Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries. Pick up a 4-pack of these new batteries on sale from $26.99 down to $15.99 with free shipping.

I ran a quick price comparison and found this, indeed, the best price. here is what other retailers are selling the batteries for:

  • $27.51 @ Amazon Canada
  • $25.99 @ Canadian Computers
  • $19.99 @
  • $24.99 @ Henry's Canada

The above price comparison does not include shipping charges. may come the closest just in base price, but add on's shipping charges and NCIX becomes one of the more expensive places to purchase these batteries. Dell Canada offers free shipping on any order with no minimum. This is certainly a large bonus for small orders.

There are many very happy reviews on Amazon, like this one:

I use these in my off-camera strobes and they are awesome. Fast cycle times and they can last easily through a day of shooting.


replaced energizer batteries with these and they seem to hold charge much better. They also seem to have a longer life in electronics

I am a big fan of rechargeable batteries, but most of mine are several years old. As the technology becomes more advances, the batteries only get better in quality and have a longer life-span. These Eneloop Pro batteries promise up to 85% capacity after one-year on a shelf. They have a low discharge rate and will recharge up to 500 times. They also have a fast recharge time, so your batteries spend less time in the charger and more time in your electronics.

These batteries are designed to power high current devices like digital cameras and camera strobes. Other batteries might last for a few hours with such high demand, but these batteries are designed for this job. They will also continue to function and provide needed power down to -20 degrees. That means you can use them on warm days during a good Canadian winter, eh Ontario?

This is a one day deal only! This offer will expire tomorrow morning.

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(Expiry: 10th March 2015 @ 6 AM)


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  • jerryatric
    I can't get this deal!!! It keeps coming up @ $21.99 NOT $15.99 What gives here?
    • jerryatric
      • Avigayil M.
        This deal expired at 6AM this morning, Jerry.