Flash Sale: Up to 44% off Paint Nite Anytime Passes

Flash Sale: Up to 44% off Paint Nite Anytime Passes

Planning your next girls' night? If you're thinking about doing a Paint Nite, you can buy your passes in advance and go whenever you like. And for the next couple days, you can get Paint Nite Anytime Passes on sale!

I've done a Paint Nite twice before and absolutely loved it both times. There's something really relaxing about just sitting down and painting – and I'm sure the wine helped a little, too!

There are two deals to choose from here:

1. Two or more Anytime Passes

If you're planning to go to Paint Nite as a group or know exactly who you want to bring the next time you go, you can get the best deal buying Anytime Passes in bulk. One pass usually costs $45, but you can get two or more for $25 each – which works out to 44% off.

2. A single Anytime Pass

If you just want to buy a pass for yourself or for someone as a gift, you can purchase individual Anytime Passes for $27 each (instead of the usual $45).

Anytime Passes work a little bit like Groupons. You buy them online, and you need to redeem them online before you can attend an event. The promotional value of the passes expires within six months, and the amount you paid never expires.Flash Sale: Up to 44% off Paint Nite Anytime Passes

The passes (unfortunately) don't apply to food and beverages once you actually get to an event, so just know that you can use them for admission to the events themselves. You can even use them for a Plant Nite, but you might need to pay extra for your materials. The passes are valid in Canada, but you can book ones to use in the United States instead, if you like.

This sale now runs from today until Sunday, so don't wait too long to buy yours!


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