Ottawa Mastercard Users Shop @ Costco Without A Membership

Ottawa Mastercard Users Shop @ Costco Without A Membership

Ottawa residents, are you Costco curious but haven't yet drank the Kool-aid? Costco is giving MasterCard holders in some locations the chance to shop in store for one day without a membership.

Warehouses in Ottawa/Gatineau are offering non-members the Costco experience until May 14th. How does it work? Just visit membership services at your local Costco warehouse and present your MasterCard. Costco staff will collect your personal information and issue you a daypass entitling you to shop for the day without a membership. Although this promotion lasts all weekend, each non-member is only permitted one day pass.

Shopping at the Costco warehouse can be overwhelming. If you are a newbie, make sure you check out great prices on milk, bread, kids' clothing and books and don't forget to grab a hot dog and an ice cream on your way out.

Costco hasn't yet made this promotion available to other cities, but they have suggested that they are open to it. Visit the Costco Facebook page and let them know you are interested.


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