Where to Buy Oonies Canada

Where to Buy Oonies Canada

If you haven’t heard of Oonies, they’re these inflatable mini-balloons that stick together – no glue required! And then they can be decorated with their Deco Bits.

I love that it doubles as a craft and a toy. The kids can put the Oonies together to form little characters or objects, play games, throw them around or just pop ‘em.

The starter pack comes with everything you need to get going, including: an inflator, 36 pellets (that are inflated to form the balloons), 18 accessories, 6 connectors, 12 eyes, 6 suction cups and the instruction manual.

Set to be on the top of many Christmas lists this year, we’ve been tracking down where to find them.

Oonies Starter Pack @ Chapters
Available online soon
Oonies Starter Pack @ Toys R Us Canada
Out of stock online
Oonies Starter Pack @ Amazon.ca
Oonies Starter Pack @ Walmart.ca
Only available in stores
Oonies Starter Pack @ London Drugs
Only available in stores

We'll update this page regularly as the Oonies Starter Pack becomes more available. So check back here before you buy! And please note shipping costs will differ by retailer.


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  • Brenda M.

    Good price.

    • Rhonda M.

      Anyone know what kid of disaster these cause in little girls hair, I think it's awesome and want one but am terrified I'd have to shave my daughters head if they are sticky :upside_down:

      • Carling B.

        Sophie would like this :christmas_tree::gift:

        • Dusty D.

          Mikel seen this and said he would like it for Christmas haha