One For The Camera Buffs: Canon Digital SLR Camera!

One For The Camera Buffs: Canon Digital SLR Camera!

(Expired) I think I’ll pop up this little blog post about a nice shiny piece of technology – the Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1 MP Digital SLR Camera! Shiny shiny! Dell Canada are selling this Canon digital camera for only $499.99, which is a $50 discount on their regular price. Even so, this is still $100 cheaper than the price at FutureShop!!

Indubitably my dear readers, that comes with free shipping too, the Dell standard!

I don’t know very much about digital SLRs, I’ve always had a basic point and shoot camera. But apparently, this Canon EOS rebel is very highly regarded. Over on DCresource, there’s a pretty in-depth review, if you want to have a read. Most of the folks on Amazon give this product 5 stars, which is excellent.

I’ve recently been thinking about buying a digital SLR. My sister is getting married in the summer, and I would love to take some magnificent photos for her. She is getting a professional photographer of course, but it’s still nice to see the digital photos that all your family members take. I don’t know if I’d be very good with the SLR though, I think it would take a lot of practice to take good photos. I should maybe buy one now and start practicing for the summer! I plan to get all the photos from my family members, and put together a special photo album for her, probably from or Snapfish.


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