Oliver's Labels Canada: $20 Off Camp Packages (Now $39)

Oliver's Labels Canada: $20 Off Camp Packages (Now $39)

If you are sending your little one away to camp or day camp this summer, you know that some belongings are going to get lost. An easy way to avoid this is to label everything and right now Oliver's Labels has an amazing deal on their Camp Packages, with $20 off, so you'll pay only $38.99.

I am utterly and completely astounded by what kids lose. Searching through the lost and found at my kid's school makes me want to scream! There will be very expensive snowsuits, boots (how does the kid get home?), hats, entire backpacks (notice anything missing?) and lots of little items like mittens and lunch containers. Not one of the items had been labelled, because if it had, our kind secretary would have looked up the kid and returned it. You pay so much money for this stuff, only to have it donated to charity when it isn't returned or your child doesn't bother to look in the lost and found. Really, you can't depend on your kid to do it either, because as I'm well aware, they skim the top and say they can't find it. Me, I dig right to the bottom, and pull everything out just to find a lost sock.

The Oliver's Labels Camp Package has it all with 151 total labels! You get:

  • 20 x Original Labels
  • 50 x Mini Labels
  • 14 x Shoe Labels
  • 30 x Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 35 x Stick-eez Clothing Labels
  • 2 x Large Bag Tags

What's also great about having your clothing labelled with personalized labels is that your kid can automatically recognize what clothing and items are theirs. This is especially great when the young ones get something new, because the consistency of the label is on all their items.

Another awesome part about this deal - shipping is free!

(Expiry: 21st May 2013)


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