Office Depot Canada Deals

Office Depot Canada Deals


In the last email newsletter from Office Depot Canada, they pointed out a number of pretty good bargains, which I would like to write about here (they call them Sizzling hot deals).

The deals range from office stationery to furniture... but I thought that there were maybe a few items which would be handy for you if you were shopping for back-to-school items for the kids.

These "really useful boxes" (coupon code is 71887280 if needed) are on a buy-1-get-1-free deal. I think these are really handy to have round the house, as they're useful for loads of things. When we were moving things round my house recently for the arrival of the baby, we had to put all my DVDs into boxes temporarily. I had 3 or 4 of these types of boxes and just stuffed them with DVDs and hid them in a corner somewhere until I was ready to bring them back into the living space of the house.

As I mentioned back to school needs, perhaps a calculator would be useful? This Texas Instruments scientific calculator is only $8.99 (coupon code is 10672215 if needed), which is a $3 discount on the regular price.

It's always handy to have some spare DVDrs round the house too. Office Depot Canada is offering a 100 pack of Memorex DVDs for $19.99 (coupon code 64351121 if needed). Decent enough.

There are more deals available though, click the link at the top to see them. :)


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