Nintendo 3DS Now $169.99 (Was $249.99)

Nintendo 3DS Now $169.99 (Was $249.99)

If you were waiting for a price drop on the Nintendo 3DS, it just happened. Gamestop Canada, EB Games, Future Shop, Best Buy and The Source all have dropped the price of the 3DS to $169.99 (originally $249.99).

So really after that, just pick your favourite store. Best Buy and Future Shop both offer free shipping on orders of $20+ so they might be the best choices.

On the 'good to know' news: Future Shop is taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS in red - which should be released around September 9th.

I haven't found the red at any other store, not ever Best Buy.

FYI: The price has not dropped on as of yet.


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