Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart Bundle $100 After Save $30 @ The Source!

Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart Bundle $100 After Save $30 @ The Source!

Nintendo has sure made some great technological advances over the years. I was surprised to see that the game included with this Nintendo 2DS bundle is downloadable. This would mean no lost game cartridges in the car, getting kicked out when on a pit stop on holidays, and having to go back and look for it after you travel 10 miles down the road. (This happens. I would know.)

The dual screens on this portable gaming system give you the option to use game-play controls and touchscreen features. This system also has wireless connectivity features like multiplayer online game play, and you can access Nintendo Video content and games in the Nintendo eShop.

The price point is absolutely great! Another on-line retailer (Best Buy) is selling their bundled 2DS system for $130. The sale price for this bundle at The Source is $100 (including the Super Mario Kart 7 game download code!), down from $130, and just in time for summer holidays. Speaking of which, another great addition to have in the car while travelling on the road is this Hoo Too Travel Router that we discussed in a recent post.

This game system is also compatible with the Nintendo 3DS games, (but they would play in 2D.) This is not a bad thing, either - many games seem to have a better 'feel' to them without the 3D thrown in.

Just think of movies - some are better in 3D, but others are more enjoyable without that 3D immersion. Backward compatibility means you can play Nintendo's existing library of over 2000 DS games. Many stores selling used games have a ton of game carts for really low prices. Just make sure you secure them in the car when travelling on holidays.

You can purchase this Nintendo gaming system in various colours, you will want to hurry if you plan on purchasing, as I can see on-line stock in at least one shade has sold out.

Shipping is free on this item!

(Deal expiry: June 1, 2016)


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