Newegg Canada: Cuisinart Silver Waffle Maker Only $40

Newegg Canada: Cuisinart Silver Waffle Maker Only $40


Regularly $79.99, but for this week only, $39.99 with free shipping the Cuisinart WMR-CAC Silver Waffle Maker is a great addition to your kitchens small appliance lineup.

Do you like food that tastes good?  Do you like delicious food? Do you prefer easy to prepare meals? Do you on occasion eat one or more of the following meals, breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner?  Since I know you answered yes to everything so far, except of course brunch, which you only do on occasion, special occasion that is, let’s move on.  Do you own a waffle maker?  What, you don’t?!  They are too hard to clean you say, they are too expensive you say, they are only for breakfast you say and waffles are too hard to make you say.  Well I say au contraire, no no, waffles are easy to make, waffles are easy to clean up, and waffles are surprisingly versatile.

First, making your waffles you will need a batter this is not rocket science and you should have most if not all the ingredients already in your kitchen.  Here is a good basic recipe from this you can add your own personal touch.  What I like about this recipe is that you can save it covered in the fridge for up to a week.

Ok, you have made your batter, so simply plug in your waffle maker. With the Cuisinart WMR-CAC Silver Waffle Maker you have five browning options available to you from whether you prefer your waffles pale and doughy to toasty crispiness, Cuisinart recommends the middle setting number three.  Let the waffle maker heat up ,which is surprisingly quick, then ladle your batter in and close the lid, wait and voila yummy fresh warm goodness.

To clean your new Cuisinart waffle maker, unplug it and let it cool down.   The non-stick surface means you only need to brush away any leftover crumbs and with a paper towel sop up any grease left over.  Any harder to get remnants simply wet a cloth and gently wipe off.  No scrubbing no detergent needed, simple.

Now the fun part of having the ability to make waffles whenever you so desire is being able to use them in non-traditional ways.  The traditional way with whipped cream, chopped fruit, and chocolate sauce drizzled over is good but a little too sweet in my books to eat with any regularity.  Start slow with your waffle deviance and top them with peameal bacon and sunny side up eggs. Next, start adding things to the batter for a more savoury waffle your favourite herbs, chives and cheddar cheese.  Now, you are on the road to pulled pork waffle sandwiches, bbq chicken and maple syrup on your waffles and using your waffles as taco shells with hot sauce guacamole and the meat of your choice!  The combinations are endless, if you let yourself explore the dark side of waffles and life.

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