Newegg Canada: 1TB Samsung External Hard Drive $109.99

Newegg Canada: 1TB Samsung External Hard Drive $109.99


I was looking for a deal on some external computer storage for my sister (an external hard drive to those techies out there). I've spotted this terrabyte hard drive on Newegg, which I think is worth a post.

It's for the SAMSUNG STORY Station 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, and it is priced at $109.99. Now there are other hard drives deals on the Newegg Canada website, but the free shipping on this particular model makes it a great price overall.

A few people have left reviews on the Newegg site, and they seem to be pretty positive overall.

For those of you who are not techie minded at all, this is simply some external storage for the files on your computer. If you have lots of important work files or pictures on your home computer, I highly recommend an external hard drive, so you can make backups every so often. I have years of digital photos on my computer, and I regularly make copies onto my external hard drive, as I would hate to think of losing them all.


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