Newberry Dolls From $17.99 and More 40% off @

Newberry Dolls From $17.99 and More 40% off @

This Christmas was fun for both my daughter and I because she got a couple of Newberry dolls from family. They really are fun to play with and the accessories that you can buy are plentiful. Right now with toys on sale for up to 40% off, I'm finding it easier to add to my daughter's new collection.

Besides the Newberry dolls and accessories you'll find some other toys but it appears the sale focuses more on the Newberry dolls. Here are a few of the dolls and accessories that stood out to me:

There are a lot more sets and accessories that you can buy, as well as the Newberry dolls themselves. Looks like I'm buying more than I thought!

Shipping is free on orders over $50.


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