New York Fries: Win A Real Gold Poutine Fork?!

New York Fries: Win A Real Gold Poutine Fork?!


What?! Check out this current New York Fries contest for your chance to win a real gold Poutine Fork. Avid poutine lovers, this one is for you. New York Fries Canada is giving away a free 24-carat gold fork to someone with some pretty solid pig latin skills on International Bacon Day which happens to fall on September 5th. They are also launching their new Bacon Double Cheese Poutine which is another way to celebrate the occasion for sure.

There will be a total of 108 of these 24-carat gold plated poutine forks to give away for free across Canada, and the rules are pretty simple. To win one for yourself, you have to be the very first person to visit a participating New York Fries Canada location on the 5th of September. Then you must correctly say "Bacon Double Cheese Poutine" in Pig Latin, and voila! You will receive a free golden fork as a trophy (just like pictured above).

For anyone wondering, here is how you say Bacon Double Cheese Poutine in Pig Latin:

Aconbay oubleday eesechay outinepay

Who wouldn't enjoy a free golden fork? It would definitely strike a good conversation. I am a die-hard New York Fries fan, and even when I go through healthy eating phases I can't say no to a Pulled Pork Poutine. Actually, I probably couldn't pass up a regular poutine from New York Fries Canada either. Have you tried their "The Works" option? I know this stuff isn't at all healthy, but it is definitely my weak spot. I would maybe just keep my free real gold fork in my purse for the odd occasion where I treat myself to a delicious bowl of poutine heaven from New York Fries.

There will only be one winner from each location, and that one winner will be the first person to show up and correctly say the Pig Latin phrase. I hope that some of you Moosers score a free 24-carat golden poutine fork.

(Expiry: 5th September 2015)


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