New Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition $38 with Code & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo

New Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition $38 with Code & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo

Pokémon has been around for a long time but with the recent rise of Pokémon Go, it's now pulling in an entirely new generation of fans. If you've got one of those fans in your life, you'll want to check out the new Monopoly: Pokémon Johto Edition at Chapters Indigo this weekend while you can save 15% off the regular price and pay just $38.15. Just enter the code INDIGO15 at checkout.

In this special Johto Edition of Monopoly, players will 'travel' through all eight Gyms and battle the Gym leader Pokémon.

Houses have been renamed Poké Marts and Hotels are now called Pokémon Centers. Community Chest and Chance Cards have been renamed Trainer Battle and Professor Elm, respectively. Money even has a custom pocket monsters design.

Trainer Battle and Professor Elm cards might reward you for Pokémon encounters, or bring an unexpected surprise as players join Pikachu and friends on an adventure through the Johto region.

And forget thimbles, top hats and race cars as tokens, This edition uses favourite characters Totodile, Togepi, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Pichu and Pikachu to represent players' pieces. It's recommended for ages 8 and up.

Regularly $44.95, don't forget to enter the promo code INDIGO15 to save 15% (this weekend only)! As it's over Chapters Indigo's free shipping threshold of $25, your new Monopoly game will even ship to you for free!

How would your little (or not so little!) 'trainer' like this new edition of Monopoly?


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