LUSH Just Launched More Than 50 New Bath Bombs

LUSH Just Launched More Than 50 New Bath Bombs

This is not a drill. LUSH Canada just dropped one of their biggest collections yet, and there are now a TON of new bath bombs to shop.

They have more than 50 new bath bombs in stock, which makes this their biggest bath bomb release ever. They're all available online, and some are in stock at LUSH stores.

One of the new faves you might have seen already is this Sushi Bath Bomb, which – you guessed it – looks just like a giant sushi roll.

I love the colours of the Melusine Bath Bomb. I can't wait to drop it in my tub, and the same goes for this Peng Bath Bomb that's made to look like a beach ball. If you're wondering, they're both $7.95, so they're some of the more affordable options.

And last but absolutely not least are the LUSH Giant Bombshells. This Lavender one, for example, sells for $14.95, has a relaxing exterior that fizzes away to reveal surprises inside!

If you shop online, shipping costs throughout Canada vary based on how many items you buy, your total purchase weight and the delivery method you choose (ground or air).


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