New Leprechaun’s Surprise Contest! Win a $50 Wagjag Gift Now! (NOW CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Cammy! ***

Ha ha ha! I am having a surprise contest late on a Friday night… I am not sure if many of you will be around, so the chances of winning could be quite high. For the next three hours, everyone who leaves a comment below will be in with the chance of winning a $50 prize from I’ll choose a random winner from the commenters.

Why not comment and tell us something you’ve bought via a great deal on Bargainmoose?

Quick Rules:

  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 22nd August 2014, midnight EST
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion

Have you entered part 2 of our sixth birthday contest? It’s still running to the end of today. In that part, you’ve got the chance to win an iPad mini… and we’ll be staring part 3 tomorrow morning (Saturday) so be sure to come back to Bargainmoose and check us out on the weekend.


  • Janet B.
    Too many things to count! But your ability to be on top of sales at places like Chapters and Future Shop have lead to quite a few steals!
  • kathryn
    Pick me please!
  • Elaine W.
    Mostly things like Groupon-like deals! And perhaps some of the good Bath & Bodyworks deals or great sales at HBC. Thanks so much for all the great tips and contests like these!
  • juliennesalad
    I bought Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil. I've heard great reviews on it, and deservedly so. When I saw that there was an exmoosive coupon, I jumped right on it and took advantage of the 15% off and Free Shipping. I love me some Free Shipping No Minimum purchase deals.
  • Laura
    Lots of things! but most recently, a Bench Jacket for my husband's birthday!
  • bargain_mooser_515
    Oh boy where do I even start haha I bought so many clothes that were on sale, my laptop, and a desk just to name a few things. The deals with free shipping are my favourite! Thank-you for your countless hours of searching the internet for great deals so everyone doesn't have to do it for themselves. I for one greatly appreciate your hard work! :) Best of luck everyone!
  • lennypuz
    Too many to mention! So much from chapters, the bay, jilly bo billy...and I've discovered so many new stores too!
  • harjot
    I got a awesome deal on a inflatable bed for camping because of you BargainMoose!!! :) keep up with the great work!
  • CAmmy B.
    I got a great deal on wonderful discounted flowers for my Mother in Law's Birthday on 1800-flowers. I love your site and use it every day
  • Karen
    Free glasses with coupon code at! Got them today, love them! Thanks Bargainmoose!
  • Ken
    Bargainmoose rawks!!! i've purchased many items through Bargainmoose posts. freeshipping codes, 10% off codes, last minute deals, and of course freebies. i love this website.
  • Cris
    Bought GAP skinny jeans for $10 with a coupon from bargainmoose! Woohoo! And woohoo to the $50 wagjag gift card :)
  • Jocelyn
    I can't keep track of all the deals I've purchased that were posted on Bargainmoose! Love all the deals!
  • James M.
    I check bargainmoose daily ... I've gotten some sweet deals; something from Chapters was my latest acquisition . . .
  • ginette4
    Where do I start; I didn't keep track and my memory isn't the best; thank you for the giveaway! oh and the great deals
  • Airborneforest
    Just bought a label maker from today thanks to this site. Thanks!
  • Sherry
    Chapters stuff! Tons of it! More than I needed, but I cannot pass up the deals!
  • Grace L.
    I love the suspense of having visit your site and finding new deals...!
  • Thomasina
    Ugh too many to name here but pretty much like 70% of the clothing posts for online shopping deals I have purchased- lol but trend trunk was one of my favorite discoveries thanks to bargain moose
  • Jocelyn
    Quite a few things! Exercise clothing from Old Navy, a new computer to replace my old one that died, eco-friendly personal care products from, gifts for family overseas from Roots and an airline-approved pet carrier.
  • Matt
    Many things, Recently, it was the post on back to school furniture, I bought a lot of things!
  • wendy
    yard work vouchers, mulch, weekend to NF, food vouchers, lots of stuff here to choose from
  • Karen
    Love this site. Can not wait each day to get my email from you. I always find great savings on great products from great stores. Thank you..
  • Callista
    Too many to name!! Lots of Amazon steals and loads of stuff from!!
  • Tracy
    So many things! Clothes, tech stuff, sometimes just "window shopping". ^_^
  • Leah
    I actually blame bargain moose for my clutter in the house lol I've bought countless items from clothing, furniture to things I don't even need like a egg poacher because of links from this site
  • Thomasina
    Ugh where do I start? I've bought like 60% of the clothing deals I swear! My favorite introduction (thanks to this site) to date has been to trendtrunk! Love love love thanks for everything!
  • Wayne
    I purchased some speakers from the Source is one of the items that I have purchased. This is a great site!
  • Margie
    The Bay one-day sales posts have really helped.
  • Johanna
    Yeah! Surprise us!!
  • KittyPride
    Big help with Sears discount codes for clothes!
  • Kim
    Purchases from the Children's Place for my little leprechaun. I hope that I have the luck of the Irish!!
  • Wendy D.
    Up late watching youtube :)
  • Jessica
    I bought a three dollar suit for my son from Walmart thanks bargainmoose! Pick me pick me
  • Yingy_c
    For me it's usually clothes from forever 21 and Zara, sometimes great gift items from indigo too!
  • Nina M.
    There are so many great deals, it's tough to pick one. Today I ordered a pair of puma shoes from the sale section of the website and got free shipping. Wouldn't have know about the shipping if it weren't for the Bargainmoose blog
  • patricia k.
    Too many deals to pick from. One that comes to mind was 5.00 Mega Blocks from Walmart a few months ago.
  • Maria
    Been a Bargain Mooser from the beginning. Visit multiple times a day, too many deals to mention. But, if I must mention one, it is the Keurig Elite I was alerted to last year from Amazon, with carousel and box of pods for around $40, including shipping. Love it, love it, and did I say, I love it. Brag about the deal to this day. Thanks Bargain Moose !!!
  • sheila
    so many deals such as clothes during the children's place sale
  • Mike G.
    Love your site!
  • Angela
    Most recently, I went to town shopping for t-shirts at thanks bargainmoose!
  • 1suprdad
    I have used bargainmoose to get deals like wagjag, amazon, printable coupons, shutterfly, and various other deals in stores too numerous to mention!!!
  • Carolyn
    Walmart deals!
  • James
    I check bargain moose daily (um, maybe hourly) -- have got many deals, coupons, etc. Definitely have taken advantage of the Walmart deals!
  • Deanne S.
    Agree with so many others, so many deals, it's hard to name just one!! I think my favourite deals were links on Black Friday deals, narrowed them down for me, it was great! Thanks!
  • katama381
    I agree with the other fellow Bargainmoosers--they were so many deals to name.. Thank you for your hard work and Happy 6th Birthday!
  • Moe A.
    I got all of the Ultimate Sims 2 for free by staying tuned to Bargainmoose. This is just one example.
  • Lindsay
    Cleanser from Fresh Faced!

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