NEW $10 FREE On Groceries @ Walmart

NEW $10 FREE On Groceries @ Walmart

Ok. I know you are going to think there can't possibly be yet another Walmart grocery promo code but you would be wrong. Walmart is back with $10 off your grocery order of $50 or more. And keep reading for two tips to maximize the usefulness of Walmart grocery promo codes.

I order groceries online at almost every week. I click on the items I want, select my pickup time and roll into the specially marked parking spot to pick up my groceries during the timeframe I selected at checkout. Super painless. And an easy way to shop for candy for the kids without them seeing what I the Easter Bunny will be putting in their baskets.

To get your $10 discount on your next order for grocery pickup use promo code PICKUP10 at checkout. Click here to enter your promo code. To qualify for the discount, you have to spend a minimum of $50. Don't forget the Walmart grocery pickup fee will still be charged. It usually costs $3.

Now here are my tips to maximize the benefits of your Walmart promo codes:

1. Use your promo codes on non-grocery products. To use your promo code on non-grocery products, just spend $50 on groceries and then add your other items to your cart. Pick up your groceries as planned and your other products will ship by mail. And bonus! You don't even have to spend $50 on other products to get free shipping. They will ship for free with your grocery order.

2. Save your promo code for later. Don't plan on ordering groceries right now. Add the promo code to your account and save it for later. Just make sure to make note of any expiry dates. Note - I am not aware of any expiry dates on the promo code PICKUP10.

Enjoy your FREE $10. It is a great way to get a head start on filling those Easter baskets.


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