NEW $10 FREE Grocery Promo @ Walmart

NEW $10 FREE Grocery Promo @ Walmart

Walmart has me hooked on their grocery pickup. No more wasting an hour searching through the store for the only juice my kids will drink. No more being judged for the sugary cereal in my shopping cart. (I use it for rewards people). So I love to stock up on Walmart grocery pickup promo codes.

To get $10 off your grocery pick up order enter promo code WMMC.

at checkout. Click here to enter your promo code. To qualify for the discount, you have to spend a minimum of $50. Don't forget the Walmart grocery pickup fee will still be charged. It typically costs $3. This promo code expires on June 30th.

Then it is as simple as driving to Walmart at your allotted time, finding one of the specially marked parking spots and waiting for your groceries to be delivered to you.

I will be the one parked next to you in the van with all the screaming kids. Will accept donations of wine or coffee.


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  • KaylaS

    Yet another promotional discount code only for grocery pick up... Wal-Mart should be appealing to all types of customers not just trying to promote this new feature that is barely even offered at more than a handful of locations.