netTALK Duo Canada Review: Saving Money on Your Phone Bill was Never Easier

netTALK Duo Canada Review: Saving Money on Your Phone Bill was Never Easier

I got the awesome opportunity to receive and review a netTALK Duo. It is a simple gadget you plug into your router or your computer (router is better) and with a few short steps you get unlimited calling in Canada and the USA for $40 a year... WOW.

I really, really think this product is awesome. You can save an incredible amount of money for anyone who makes long distance calls or has family that lives far away.

I love this product because:

  • It is cheap! For $59.95 for your first year, then $40 a year after that, it is amazingly cost effective.

Yup, you get both the gadget and your first year of US and Canadian long distance for just $60. After that it is $40 per year to renew. My cell phone is $40 a MONTH! I am totally loving this system. What is even cooler is you can add on an international package for just peanuts: $120 per year for calling to 60 countries!

  • It WORKS!

My hubby has family in Hamilton and he called there a couple of times with absolutely no problems. The quality is there: I can make calls across the country and it sounds fine. The odd bit of disruption but very little. They say the best quality is when you plug in directly to the router/modem rather than relying on wifi. I totally agree.

  • The number doesn't have to be local to me!

This was like icing on the cake: my hubby has a large portion of his family in Hamilton, and we live in Edmonton. We made the number local to Hamilton, to encourage his family to call us more! That totally rocks!

  • Really easy set up!

Really, these guys have it down pat! You get a little card that has 10 steps to setting this thing up - it took me only 20 minutes to do it. The longest part was figuring out what area and city codes were local to Hamilton: I suggest you come prepared with that.

An added bonus: great customer service. I have been experiencing an amazing amount of really crappy service lately from a lot of companies. However, I got an awesome call from netTALK Duo and they were amazing, very helpful, and told me to call if I had any questions or problems.

So to sum up: I had pretty much sworn off home phones but this has me re-converted. Even my hubby is pretty happy and says it is certainly a keeper. For $40 a year (or $60 for the first year) it easily pays for itself if you have any family living a long-distance call away from you. An easy way to save money and what a deal!


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  • George
    April 14th, 2012 I have netTalk duo ( connected directly to the router ) from December 2011 and for sure it's work very well ! Each day local calls in Toronto and weekly calls with Windsor and Europe. Since January 2012 I FIRED my home phone. I can't have any comment about their customer service because it wasn't necessary :) and also I'm really happy with my $400/yearly in my pocket ! You should be too !
    • Sunshells
      My netTALK is coming up for renewal and I will not be renewing it. I got this for outgoing long distance only. For sure it saves a lot of money but I experience poor connections and dropped calls, one or the other every call. After about 20 minutes or so I can expect it to drop the call. Also it more often than not has either a delay like you are on a radio phone or an annoying echo. I have had no problems with the unit itself but the annoyance for myself and whoever I am talking to is too much. My son said yesterday 'I really hate your phone Mom'. I hate to go back to the phone company for my long distance but at least I know I will always have a good connection. Too bad because I loved saving the money.
      • Avigayil M.
        Thanks for your feedback. I also have a netTALK and only once in a while have connection issues, but really not very often. I wonder if it depends on what region of the country one is in... and whether one is rural or urban. It is a shame that the product did not work for you - have you tried talking to their customer service to troubleshoot the connection?
      • Marlene
        I keep getting e-mails telling me to renew mynetTalkDUO but it won't let me log in - I would have paid it immediately but every time I get an e-mail - it won't work - so I keep forgetting to phone during working hours.
        • Brian
          Nettalk is a Joke, I have wifi Duo, It was working good at first, then I couldn't use it for International. Then when we took it on Vacation, the wifi didn't work, support was a Joke. Now we can only call out, no one can call us they get a busy signal. Nettalk totally ignores my ID tickets for complaints. If I dial 611 they tell me a cable is broke in the field and they are working on it, 2 weeks later STILL WORKING ON IT. I guess the only time I will ever hear from Nettalk will be at renewal. They can kiss my ???? then
          • Tony D.
            NetTalk Head Office 1080 NW 163rd Drive Miami, FL 33169 +1 305-621-1200
            • C. F.
              NetTalk has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! There have been a number of times I have gone on chat to get help and after about an hour without any response, it dropped me. The help on the phone is rude, short, and will tell you that they will call back, but they don't. DO NOT GET A NETTALK DUO!