Nestle Baby Program: Freebies for New Parents

Nestle Baby Program: Freebies for New Parents


The Nestle Baby Program is designed for first time mothers/fathers to help them out with the trials and joys of having a new bundle of joy. Some of the free gifts you can receive are a Nestle Baby Backpack filled with a change pad and samples. You will get a free subscription to the Nestle Baby Digest, a special digest regarding Moms and babies' nutrition, fitness, health and milestones. They also send stage appropriate emails, coupons, more samples, and more!

Here is the fine print direct from Nestle:

Nestlé Baby wants to make sure all members have the information, advice and support they need at all the right times. So, you can expect to start receiving your Nestlé Baby Program Mommy Perks like a stylish backpack (when a sample is requested), Nestlé Baby digest, valuable coupons, samples and more once your Nestlé Baby Program registration is complete. This ensures you always have what you need, when you need it, at the most appropriate time for you and your baby.

*The number of digests, samples, and coupons you will receive depends on your baby's date of birth. Not all members will receive all digests, samples, and coupons.

**The Nestle Baby Program is designed and intended for first-time new mothers (Canadian residents only). Various program elements, such as backpacks, samples, digests, special offers etc. will be distributed to members based on their eligibility requirements as established by Nestle; and may be modified from time-to-time. Available while supplies last. Nestle reserves the right to modify, change, enhance or withdraw elements of the Nestle Baby Program without notice. You will only receive a backpack if samples are requested.

Hope this helps out some new or soon to be new parents!


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  • Jill
    I just got mine today (due in August) after registering for a sample back in March. I had honestly forgotten that I signed up at all but what a nice surprise. I got a small black backpack with a changing pad, a sample of powdered formula (340g tin), a "planning for baby booklet with a $5 coupon for formula and a $10 coupon for Thyme Maternity and a 4 ounce Nuk bottle. Great Freebie!!!!!
    • Avigayil
      That sounds wonderful! And congrats on your upcoming addition to the family!
    • Kris
      Just a note. Nestle is not actually allowed to give out the free samples. They are once again purposely undermining new Mom's everywhere.
      • FruGal
        just got my freebie today and it so much greater than expected. one of the first samples i've received that im kinda surprised is actually a freebie!!....great sample and thanks so much for the posting about it :)
        • Avigayil
          Your welcome, glad you like it, and my pleasure!
        • Melinda
          I hear ya, I signed up for the back pack promotion and you still see it on the web site and I haven't gotten anything yet. I find a lot or all baby websites who offer similar packages and you never get them, I haven't gotten one yet and my baby is 8 months. Especially when you use their product faithfully and you don't cheap out on the no name brands. I thought baby websites were to help out mothers but it is all just false advertisment :( Also trying to find coupons is the worst as well, no HELP in that department either...
          • Janice
            Insulting! I registered for the Nestlé Baby Program in July 2011. It is now May 2012. My twin girls are 7 months old, but I have yet to receive anything that was promised from this program. I have called them several times. Last February I was send a confirmation email indicating that I had successfully registered for their multiples program and I would receive two free CASES of formula (the concentrate) in 6-8 weeks. Nothing has come. I called today--May 22. The woman told me that I haven't received the backpack because I didn't indicate the type of formula. Are you kidding me!? This was to be cleared up months ago. Then she said she would try to find out what happened to the formula but the program has changed and I would receive two cans of the powered formula. What!? This is not what was promised. Like I have time for all of this, but I feel that if they promised it, they need to follow through and so I will keep calling. I am currently waiting for a member of the management team to call me back in 1-4 hours. I bet by that time they'll be closed for the day. You might think-- how can someone complain about not getting free stuff, but at this point, I have spend thousands of dollars using Nestlé formula...and they should provide what they promised!