Nerf Blasters from $25 @

Nerf Blasters from $25 @

My son has been hinting that he wants a really good Nerf gun for Christmas this year and it looks like Walmart is the place with some of the best deals going! They just had a price rollback on two high end Nerf blaster models. You can also save $5 on your order with this tip.

The price dropped by $25 on the Nerf Modulous Tri Strike Blaster and $30 on the Nerf NStrike Elite Hyperfire. With the Modulous, you can strike 3 different ways with customizable combinations. Want to blast 5 Nerf darts per second? Go for the NStrike Elite Hyperfire!

I'm super pumped because now I can buy two with the savings incurred. I'm looking forward to challenging my son to a Nerf blaster dual at Christmas.

The items that have had the prices rolled back are listed below:

Shipping is free at Walmart when you spend over $50 so you might want to top up with some Nerf dart refills for $8.97. You can also top up with an inexpensive but useful item such as these Crayola crayons for $1.86.


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