NERF Battle Racer $229.98 @ Toys R Us Canada

NERF Battle Racer $229.98 @ Toys R Us Canada

If you haven't heard of the NERF Battle Racer yet, allow me to introduce you one of the absolute coolest toys out there.

Kids are going crazy for it, but you'll go crazy for this sale! This racer normally sells for $339.99, but Toys R Us Canada has it on for $229.98!

At $110.01 off, this is hands down the best price I've ever seen for the NERF Battle Racer. If you can find a place to store it away until a birthday or Christmas, it just might make the perfect surprise for your kiddos!

The NERF Battle Racer has been called the "ultimate Go Kart" for a reason. It has placeholders for NERF blasters, brackets and foam darts, as well as three-point steering, handbrakes, an adjustable bucket seat and room to store extra NERF darts when you're on the move.

It's rated for 110 lbs, but I'm still tempted to hop on and give it a go!

Looking to pick up some NERF Blasters to go with it? Toys R Us has those on sale, too!

Toys R Us Canada offers $10 off your ship-to-home costs, or you can pick up your order in store for free.


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    . Or maybe i should tag ..

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      - If you're looking to add to your nerf collection....haha

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        Just what we need.

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