nCrowd: $19 for 2x Apple Headphones & Free Shipping Only $15.20 (EXPIRED)

nCrowd: $19 for 2x Apple Headphones & Free Shipping Only $15.20 (EXPIRED)


nCrowd Canada is selling two (2) pairs of Genuine Apple Headphones w/ Remote and Mic for just $19 with shipping included. Use this one-day coupon codeAFFSUMMER for an extra 20% off your order, thus bringing two sets of authentic Apple headphones down to $15.20.

At this price, each set of earbuds comes to just $7.60 each. Even for the older model Apple earbuds (which these are), this is a fantastic price and excellent for families on a budget. it is so easy to lose or to damage earbuds that children and teens often go through several pairs per year. With this nCrowd deal, you can purchase two sets of genuine Apple headphones with remote and mic (perfect for answering calls) for next to nothing. A regular no-name set of earbuds would cost you more than one of these sets on a regular day.

Now, I rarely put a lot of stock into Apple deals on group buy websites like this. However, these deals bothered to say ‘genuine’ whereas their other Apple headset deals (and other headset deals on other group buy websites) fail to say "Genuine" or "Authentic". Given that they purposefully labelled these ones - I am going to go on a bit of faith. I have not had a bad experience with nCrowd yet.

I have owned several sets of these headphones as they used to always come with your iPods. I always bought a new iPod every few years and just never used the earbuds as I always liked over the ear headphones better.

The cord has a volume bar with + and - for control. There is also a play/pause and next/previous by pressing the centre button. You can answer calls so these earbuds are perfect for pairing with smart phones. nCrowd is throwing in a free carrying case so you don't lose, wreck, or tangle your new earbuds. How nice!

Now, this coupon code (above) is valid today only, If you happen to miss this fantastic deal until tomorrow, then you can use our exclusive coupon codeNCMOOSE for 10% off. That would bring the two-pack of headphones down to $17.10.

(Expiry: Unknown)


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  • Jackie
    Has anyone received them yet? I ordered mine on Aug 24 and a email saying they are shipped and will arrive soon on Sept 4. it's been two weeks :(
    • Valerie
      No. i never received an email from them either. Scam?
    • Leanne
      I have just sent off an email as it is now November and never received! All the links in their order confirmation email are dead so I'm really disappointed that something would get blogged here that might be a scam!
      • Anna W.
        Hi Leanne. It's not a scam... but the company has been bought by another company, called Boomstreet. I think it might be a good idea to reach out to them.