LEGO on Sale + Free Shipping (Save up to $45) LEGO on Sale + Free Shipping (Save up to $45)

That's right! NCIX is selling LEGO now. Your kids want it so why not get it cheaper and have it sent to your house for free? Bargainmoose loves you!

Here are a few of the LEGO deals available:

A couple of things right off the bat: the free shipping is on select items only. I'm not sure which ones, but I'm willing to bet it is valid for the smaller LEGO sets only. The 1254 piece Millennium Falcon might not be free. The sale is only good while supplies last and there aren't many available to start with. Keep in mind that the quantities you see on the first link I posted, the one that goes to the page with all the LEGO on it, has the quantities that they started with. You'll need to click into the actual product to see current stock.

I know, I know, LEGO isn't tech and it isn't gaming, but it really is cool! Plus, almost all this LEGO is nerdy LEGO. On top of that it's sold by NCIX, a tech store. Like I said, this is all nerdy LEGO. There are no tribal volcanoes or race cars here, kids. It's almost all Star Wars and super heroes. You or your kids may be familiar with the very popular LEGO video games which are, in large part, based on the Star Wars and Batman universes. This would be a cool way for you and your kids to experience the same properties you play on screen, in meat space.

It seems like this is a new thing for NCIX and the low quantities make me thing it's just a test. So Bargainmoose, this is your chance to change something. Sell them out of LEGO and maybe we'll get some awesome LEGO deals from NCIX for years to come! The fact that NCIX is selling it at all leads me to think that they aren't really aiming these towards kids, but rather towards adults who want to play with LEGO or parents who want their kids to play with Star Wars LEGO. I assume, of course, that these parents would have just as much fun "helping" their kids play with the LEGO as the kids themselves would.

(Expires: 31st August 2012)


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