Belkin Surge Protector (6 Outlets) Was $15 | Now $7 & Free Shipping Belkin Surge Protector (6 Outlets) Was $15 | Now $7 & Free Shipping


**BUMP - These basic Belkin surge protectors are back on sale!**

I am pretty excited about this deal from This basic Belkin home/office Surge Protector (555J) is on sale from $14.99 down to $6.99 with free shipping! The six-outlet surge protector is an affordable necessity to protect your electronics.

Of course, one has to price compare this unit to other retailers. My first search revealed that Belkin themselves sell this surge protector for $9.99 USD in the USA. Here in Canada, I found the six-outlet Belkin Surge protector for:

  • $9.38 @
  • $11.30 @ MyTeknology
  • $11.99 @ PC-Canada
  • $12.82 @ Ashlin Canada
  • $17.69 @ Frontier PC

You would also have to pay for shipping on top of those prices at all of these retailers! By far, has the best price for this surge protector. I figured I would go a step further and try to find the cheapest surge protector at a place with free shipping and no minimum. I found an Exponent Microport 6-Outlets Surge Suppressor - 6 - 150 J for $20.78 at Most surge protectors seem to be around the $20 or more mark.

This is truly a basic surge protector. The device has six-outlets with the hole for the grounding piece. Oddly enough, some surge protectors omit this basic. The Belkin surge bar has a 30" cord. For some people this may be a bit short, but I find the long cords terribly annoying. I need a power bar to keep my electronics protecting - I do not need the unholy love child of a power bar and an extension cord! If I need an extension cord, then I would buy one.

Most people say the power bar is well worth the money. One reviewer said:

-very basic power bar/surge protector for your money
-slim and isn't the most bulky thing around

Another person was a bit disappointed that there were not more outlets

This is a good quality surge protector. I bought 2. The 2.5 feet long cord is a bit short though. And I would have liked 7 outlets at the low price I bought it at. Free ground shipping is nice.

For $6.99 and free shipping, I think this is a fantastic deal. I could not find another surge protector for around this money. Even on Walmart Canada, which now charges shipping, the cheapest sale bar was $8.

Free shipping lasts as long as the product is in stock.

(Expiry: 17th June 2015)


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