National Geographic Traveler Digital Only $10 Per Year

National Geographic Traveler Digital Only $10 Per Year


National Geographic is offering a digital subscription to their National Geographic Traveler Magazine for only $10 per year.

The digital package is the same price for Canadians, in our own currency, as it is for Americans in their currency.

This subscription includes the iPad version. I price compared this offer with Zinio as they are the leading magazine subscription service that I know about. They offer the National Geographic Traveler yearly subscription for $17.95 a year plus taxes. You will have to pay taxes going directly through National Geographic as well, but their subscription is approximately $8 cheaper. A cheaper subscription also means fewer taxes.

There are two other options when you click through the link, and though they look provocative, the subscriptions cost more for Canadians. You can pick up a yearly subscription in print for $17.95, which is the same price of the digital subscription from Zinio. There is also a Print Plus edition that comes with the iPad digital version and a printed copy of the National Geographic Traveler delivered to your door eight times a year. The Print Plus option costs $24.95 a year for us lovely people north of the border.

There are eight issues per year. If you purchase the digital subscription, that is just $1.25 per issue. You could never pick up a National Geographic magazine on a shelf at Chapters for that price.

This deal has a lot of personal appeal to me. I love to travel and am always looking for amazing architectural and archeological places to visit. Searching the internet for this kind of thing is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. However, National Geographic has years of experience traveling around the planet. I would love to see the planet through their eyes and use their experience and amazing photos to guide my next vacation. Daniel's and my first major vacation together was guided by the BBC's documentary Earth: A Biography, specifically the volcanoes episode. We went to Rotorua in New Zealand, which is one of the most volcanically active areas on the surface of the planet. Our trip to Iceland was also guided by the same documentary, as it is the one place on earth you can see the split in the earth's crust rise above the ocean. I think that vacations guided by geographical knowledge are the best.

Where are you heading for your next vacation?

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