Free $50 Gift Cards, Pay Shipping Only! Free $50 Gift Cards, Pay Shipping Only!

Narcissist is a Canadian clothing store, which has a few locations in BC and Alberta, but they also have an online and telephone service. I've spotted a deal on their site, which is worth telling you about. Here's how to get a free $50 gift certificate:

Apply the coupon code coupon50 to see it discount down to zero! You only have to pay for the shipping, which depends on where you live. It was between $9 and $10, when I was testing. You're paying about $10 for a $50 gift certificate!

So if you live in BC or Alberta near to one of their stores, you might be happy to buy this deal right away. But for those of you not near one of their stores, if you receive your gift certificate, you can use it for telephone orders. Their items are pretty expensive to start with, so browse around and see if there's anything you want before you buy this.

Thanks Swami Stream.

Narcissist is participating in free shipping day 2011!

(Ends 15th December 2010)


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  • Tracey
    This deal is get two for one basically. You need to spend $100 at to use the $50 coupon. Use discount code "coupon50" at checkout to get the $50 off. So you could buy two $50 coupons and get one free + the cost of shipping.