Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope Was $49 | Now $35 & Free Shipping @

Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope Was $49 | Now $35 & Free Shipping @


Here is a great educational and affordable toy for your children. Shop at Walmart Canada right now and you can get the Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope for just $35 instead of the regular price of $49. Walmart Canada offers free shipping on all online orders as well. Your child will be able to look at the stars and understand science like never before.

While $15 off the regular price of $50 may not seem like a huge price drop, it is a great discount for an educational item like this. It is also the best price around. The Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope would have normally cost you $50 from, but while quantities last you will pay just $35. This moonscope will give your little ones the perfect excuse to reach for the stars.

Use the Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope with your little ones to help them gain confidence and comfort in science. The moonscope has a 90x magnification so you will be able to see the nooks and crannies on the moon, or perhaps even the rings around Saturn. There is even a tripod included so you can easily set up your new moonscope. The LED light will ensure that you can see the moon map easily, or even read the 20 page Sky Gazer's Activtiy Journal that is included, without your room's lights on. This moonscope will require 2AA batteries though, which are not included.

The Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope is best suited for children ages 9-12, but children a little older may enjoy it as well. The colours are unisex so throw it in your shopping cart for your son or daughter. To make sure that you are getting the best price around on this Educational Insights Nancy B's Moonscope, I did a little price comparison. Here is a look at the cost of this item at other Canadian retailers:

I had a lightweight telescope like this as a child. While it was pretty cool to look at the stars and planets, I also found it intriguing to watch the neighbourhood as well. I would watch the pesky raccoon get into garbage cans down the street, or see where our family cat kept disappearing too. even throws in free shipping on all purchases, big or small. That means that the only extra costs you will incur on this item will be taxes.

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