NailPolishCanada: Free Shipping No Minimum

NailPolishCanada: Free Shipping No Minimum

NailPolishCanada is offering absolutely free shipping with no minimum purchase amount required. So go nuts and deck your nails out in some crazy colours!

So these guys sell nail polish and various other nail accessories, which I am sure you figured out by their name. Now, I am not going to talk about nail polish. Nope. I am sure you are all familiar with the wonderful world of painted nails. My topic for this little post is inspired by one of the greatest non-holidays of the year: Halloween. So let us talk about hair chalk!

NailPolishCanada sells Splat Hair Chalk which is a temporary way to colour your hair without damaging it. There is no bleaching required. This product is simply an apply and go sort of thing. It is a great way to really spice up your Halloween costume without resorting to a wig and without having to live with a new haircut and dye job you may not love in the morning. It is also really inexpensive.

This Silver Moon Hair Chalk by Splat Hair Color is only $8.99 and will turn you into a werewolf, lunar goddess, robot, or whatever your heart desires. Free shipping is a great time to try out new things that do not cost a lot and that is why I wanted to mention the hair chalk. Halloween is coming: are you prepared?

I have been reading a lot about hair chalk lately because I am going to dress up as the white rabbit and thus am going to turn my hair white. If you have dark hair it is best to apply the chalk if your hair is wet. If you are blond this may not be necessary. Chalk can be messy, so wear a shirt you don't care about too much when putting it on. Also, for most people the chalk will wash out in one washing but for fair hair it might take two. Chalk can be a bit drying to your hair so it is advisable to condition your hair well before and after you use hair chalk.

What are you going as this year for Halloween?

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  • Eva W.
    I'm totally checking out the hair chalk, but not for Halloween!