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This is a freebie for the pet-loving Bargainmoosers. If you have a puppy (or a full size- doggy I guess), I recommend that you sign up for

It says that your pet has to be under 1 year of age.

Here's what you get when you join:

  • An in-depth care guide with straight-forward advice on puppy care
  • An adorable puppy ID tag
  • A coupon for a FREE bag of protein rich Purina puppy food
  • Purina Pet Advisor contact information for quick and easy reference
  • A Health Chart to keep up-to-date with your puppy's growth

It was the free bag of Purina puppy food that caught my eye, and made me think that the Bargainmoosers with dogs might be interested. You'll can get 3.63kg bag of Purina brand puppy food. Nice freebie!

And look at those pics of the cute doggies on their home page - they're just adorable!


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  • Diana F.
    I am trying to sign up for MyPuppy School,but when i clicks on next it wont go through, i am getting a new puppy in 6 weeks time and i wanted to sign up but it won't let me please let me know how to....thank you
    • Anna
      What browser are you using? I sometimes suggest trying Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, as some sites only work with particular browsers.