My Makeup Brush Set: Up to 85% Off & $3 or 15% Off Exclusive Codes

My Makeup Brush Set: Up to 85% Off & $3 or 15% Off Exclusive Codes

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My Makeup Brush Set is having a one day sale that just started! Receive up to 85% off cosmetics, brushes, applicators, and more. Then, you can use one of our exclusive coupon codes to sweeten the deal. We have a $3 off your order with code 5OFFMOOSE or you can take 15% off your order with code MOOSE15OFF. Between this one-day sale and our exclusive coupon code, you can score some sweet deals.

Essentially, if your order is over $20 then you want to use the 15% off coupon code. If your order is under $20, then use the $3 off coupon code. $20 is where both coupons have the same value ($3). The best deal of this sale is probably the blowout makeup brushes. Originally $20, you can pick up two makeup brushes for just $1. Better yet, you can add three of those makeup brush sets (assorted) to your cart and use the $3 off coupon - presto your six brushes are free.


You just have to pay shipping. I estimated shipping to my play (Vancouver Island) and it was around $8. That is pretty sweet given that is the only expense as the brushes become free.

I have been looking for a cosmetic tear-shaped sponge for a while but they all tend to be $20+. This Cosmetic Blending Sponge was $26.99 and is now just $4.99. If you are buying just that sponge, then use the $3 off coupon code to bring the sponge down to $1.99.

If you are looking for the ultimate makeup score and are on a tight budget, then pick up the 78 Color Makeup Palette that was $159.96 and is now on sale for $24.99. Because your order is over $20, you will want to use the 15% off coupon code. After that coupon code, your order comes down to $21.24.

For brand name makeup, try the ProFour Eyeshadow on sale from $159.96 down to $9.99. I would use the $3 off coupon to bring this eyeshadow down to $6.99 if that was all that I was buying.

This is a pretty cool company for discount makeup and brushes. I received a set of brushes and a couple makeup pallets from them. I like the quality of the brushes and one of the palettes was brand name and the other was nice too. They are a legit company and have exceptional deals for those on a tight budget.

(Expiry: 21st September 2015)


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