$50 off My Lovely Unicorn 12V Ride-On @ Toys R Us

$50 off My Lovely Unicorn 12V Ride-On @ Toys R Us

Parents, are you ready for this? I may have just found one of the best ride-on toys EVER – especially if your child loves unicorns.

It's the My Lovely Unicorn 12V Ride-On – and it's a unicorn your kiddo can actually ride!

I first saw these in the UK a few months ago, and today was the first time I spotted one in Canada. In fact, Toys R Us now has them on sale, for $349.97 from $399.99.

What is the My Lovely Unicorn Ride-On?

Honestly, it's just what it sounds like. This is pretty similar to a ride-on car, except, of course, it's a unicorn. Kids can ride it indoors or outside, and all they need to do is take the reins to make it go forwards, backwards, left and right. it comes with a hairbrush for any mane touchups, and the horn is pretty magical. Just touch the horn to see it light up and play sounds!

The My Lovely Unicorn 12V Ride-On is intended for riders who are at least three years old. It can hold up to 30 kg, and it even has a storage compartment, where you can stow the hairbrush.


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