My First Craftsman Workbench with Tools Now $48 @

My First Craftsman Workbench with Tools Now $48 @

KiddieIf your child watches his dad or his mom in the workshop, then he definitely needs this Craftsman Workbench to play pretend! At the moment, it is available at Sears on sale for $48. It was originally $79.99 and is now 40% off. It is a great addition to your child's toy collection. You can even have your child play alongside you while you are doing repairs.

Watching kids play pretend is so sweet. It encourages role play, which we all know is one of the best learning processes for children. Learning is much easier when you're having fun, and this Craftsman Workbench is a good alternative to the kitchens that are usually purchased for pretend play.

This workbench comes with all the bells and whistles. My mom bought my son a workbench last Christmas. She paid more than this one and it does not have all the features this Craftsmen Workbench has, not even close. It includes: an LED work light, goggles, a tray, 2 paper rulers, a level ruler, 2 files, 10 J-hooks, 22 nuts, 15 bolts, 2 round holders and 3 nails. That's a lot of equipment for your little repairman.

Shipping at Sears is free if you spend over $50 but you also have the option to get this shipped at a Sears pick up location for free.

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