Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bath $15 @ Amazon Canada

Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bath $15 @ Amazon Canada

I think I've found it - the cutest baby bath you ever will see. Check out this Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub! has it for just $14.99 and this little baby bath tub is sure to be you and your child's best buddy among your travels - or even for your home bath.

This Inflatable Duck Tub can be used at home, while travelling, or even at the in-laws. Just blow it up, pop it in the tub and fill it with water. It even has that White Hot Safety Disc that will turn white when when the water is too hot for your little bundle of joy.

I honestly wish I had this for my son when he was little. It looks safe and easy to use. When you are done, dry it off before you deflate it and then fold it up for future use. It even has a textured bottom to prevent your baby from doing the slip and slide while you are washing their hair. I don't need to mention how cute this thing is either. I want one in adult size - with a cup holder for my wine. offers free shipping on all orders over $25, but if you already have an Amazon Prime membership then you won't have to worry about any additional shipping fees.

Hands up - who's going to use this!?


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  • Cerea L.

    So cute if only I have a tub lol