Multi-Purpose Organizer For School Or Dorm, $25.99 & Free Shipping @

Multi-Purpose Organizer For School Or Dorm, $25.99 & Free Shipping @

Never forgetting what it was like to share an apartment with several others, I sure wish I would have had a portable makeup/toiletry bag like this to take from my room into the tiny bathroom that didn't have space for us to store our beauty and health products.

Check out this deluxe travel kit like the MagicToDoor Deluxe Travel Kit Organizer. It's sold by Marketplace Seller MagicToDoor, and the order is fulfilled by which means it will come directly from their warehouse, for fast shipping.

Students will appreciate this organizer bag for a variety of tasks:

  • If they're away from home for the first time, they could use it as a cosmetics/toiletry bag.
  • With younger students in elementary or junior high working with a variety of mediums such as pencil crayons, crayons, scissors, tape, etc. - why not hold all of that in one of these? It would be easy to pack up and transport to any room of the house.
  • It would also make a fantastic locker organizer for students of any age! It can be hung on any hook in the locker.

The organizer bag is available in a light blue,bright pink, or light mossy green at $23.99, or you may select the black version for $25.99 and receive free shipping! There is also a camo pattern selling for $24.59.

There's one black bag showing as $24.99 and it won't reach the threshold for free shipping, plus, I'll be honest with you - I can't tell the difference between the $24.99 and the $25.99 bag.

As a comparison, a similar looking style small L.L.Bean bag though can run you at around $33 CAD ($24.99 USD, converted.) Then there are possible customs and duty fees that could be added on, as well as bank conversion fees on the credit card, usually around 2.5 cents on every dollar.

This bag from Amazon looks to be a bit larger than the size small L.L.Bean bag mentioned above, and a bit smaller than their medium bag, as the bag measures 9.4" x 4.3" x 8.3."

Shipping is free on orders over $25 on eligible products, in this case you really should find something to top up your order if you're not ordering the black organizer, as shipping will start at around $3.80 if your order doesn't meet the $25 threshold for free shipping.


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