Mountain Equipment Co-op Canada: Free Bike Safety Check

Mountain Equipment Co-op Canada: Free Bike Safety Check

Bike season might soon be over, but you still have time to get your bike into Mountain Equipment Canada for a free bike safety check.

If you or your child's bike is in need of repairs, you can bring your bike in and a bike mechanic will inspect it, and recommend the service needed based on your bike's condition. From the link above you can also click on your city to find out the tune up prices in your area and the additional services available.

Speaking specifically about children's bikes, Fiona from Vancouver's Bike Shop says,

Don’t forget we’re happy to do a free safety check on your kid’s bike at MEC’s Bike Shops. You don’t have to book an appointment, and we can usually do it in ten to fifteen minutes while you wait or shop. We’ll make any repair recommendations and you can decide for yourself whether you want them.

I’d suggest safety checking your child’s bike at least twice a year. In spring, because that’s when most bikes get pulled out of storage, and in the fall, because that’s when many kids will be riding their bikes to school after putting a lot of wear and tear on them over the summer.

My bike definitely needs an overhaul. I'm pretty sure I've got loose brakes among other things. While I'm not ready to upgrade to a new bike, I'd like this one to last for a few more years.


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