Mothers Day Movies @ Amazon

Mothers Day Movies @ Amazon

Mom movies

If you're busy trying to come up with a good gift for mom this Mother's Day, you might want to consider some of these movies from Amazon Canada. Their sale states that there is up to 50% off select titles.

There are quite a few to choose from in there, from good old Sex And The City to Kate And Allie. I've seen quite a few episodes of Sex And The City, I find it pretty funny. I've never seen a single episode of Kate and Allie though... have you?

I don't think a movie alone is a good enough gift for Mother's Day... but perhaps you could combine it with a bottle of wine, a box of choccies and a bunch of flowers...!

P.S. On a side note, there is also 50% discount on the Globe And Mail bestseller list... if you want to grab a novel for mom as well.


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  • Nicole
    This is awesome! I was going to buy the Sex & The City complete series box set for $149, but the reviews weren't great - mostly they said the DVDs were low quality and some wouldn't play at all. Instead I pre-ordered the six seasons separately (at $20.99 each), which are being released on April 27. The total cost was just a little less than the box set. I am hoping that since these DVDs were authored more recently that they won't have the same play-back issues, and maybe the quality will be better!