Mother of a Sale / Discount: Great Discounts

Mother of a Sale / Discount: Great Discounts


This website is a great addition to any bargain hunter's bookmarks. They have a deal of the day that actually is a deal, and some fabulous discounts on a regular basis. The main website is called Mother of a Sale with sub websites called Mother of a Discount, Mother of a Daily Deal... etc, and looks to be Canada based!

In store right now they have:

I stuck a tote in my bag to check out their shipping, and it said $5 flat shipping to Alberta.. so quite decent!


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  • Amanda
    They have very poor customer service unfortunately. They do not resolve issues and when asked about it will call you a liar and delete proof of their errors. Im sad to say this - was hoping they would make things right. It seems they dont care? Not sure where the person who owns it stands...but they will not last long with the way they treat their customers.
    • Tanya
      I actually had the opposite experience ~ they were out of an item I had ordered, but they informed me promptly and gave me several options to resolve the problem. I found it a pleasant experience.