Montana's Cookhouse Free Entree Offer

Montana's Cookhouse Free Entree Offer


The lovable moose and deer have an offer you can't refuse!  Come to Montana's Cookhouse and order one of their participating entree's and you will get a coupon good for a free entree on your next visit.  How great is that?  There are some super yummy choices including Cedar Roasted Salmon, Fire Grilled Mushroom Chicken and Smokehouse Pork Side Ribs.

With every great offer that comes along, there are certain terms and conditions... looks like you must originally dine Mondays to Wednesdays after 4pm and use your coupon during those same times.  Your coupon will have more details.

Give this offer a try and let us know how your experience was!


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  • Diane
    Just came from dinner at Montana's tonight and had the Cedar Plank Salmon. It was excellent and the coupon they gave me is good for 4 weeks from today on any entree to a maximum of $16.99 (the price of my dinner this evening). Must be used on a Monday to Wednesday after 4 pm, max of 2 coupons per table can be used.
    • JamsWife
      ohhhh great offer! We may need to make a trip to check it out.
      • Lauren
        Thanks for the info Diane. It's always great to hear about the reader's experience - good or bad!
        • shawn
          I'm from Belleville and when I called the local restraunt I was told this is a Toronto and area deal only! thant really sucks.
          • Anna
            @shawn - I'd kick up a bit of a stink about this - it's all over their website, which is targetted at the whole of Canada. It does say at participating locations though, but if it is Toronto only, it should state that. I recommend dropping them a line -
            • Lisa
              Also when you go out to Montana's there is a survey at the bottom of the bill. All you have to do is log in on line, fill out the survey and you get a free appetizer your for your next visit. . . .then they give you another bill, you fill in the survey, get another free appetizer. . .so on and so on.
              • amy
                even though montanas belleville didnt do the entree thing we were still satisfied with our food and was willing to pay the what extra...12 dollars for the meal...HA dont hear me complaining