Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Was $170 | Now $51 @ & Free Shipping!

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Was $170 | Now $51 @ & Free Shipping!


**Bump: this speaker has dropped in price to just $50.99 - the best deal anywhere online in Canada!**

While browsing for price drops this morning, my web browser happened upon a deal on this Monster Superstar bluetooth speaker which was originally priced at $169.95. If you want to save 70% on the cost of this item, you can do so just now because it’s only $50.99 and that comes with free super saver shipping from Amazon Canada!

The speaker is also available here in the black and grey for the same price. I know that the neon blue finish won’t be to everyone’s liking, but you do have a choice between the blue and the black/grey so there are options! If you’re interested in this deal – please buy now. Amazon stock is notorious and it can go out of stock at this price at the drop of a hat. I think it’s a hot price and won’t last for long. It’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen this item for on Amazon or anywhere else.

How about the prices elsewhere online? Everywhere else that I checked online in Canada, was selling this very same speaker in various colourations for more even during their Boxing Day sales. I found it for $59.99 @ Best Buy Canada, $69.99 @ The Source Canada, $78.99 @, and $89.88 @ Walmart Canada.

As for the product itself, it seems to score some good ratings, having achieved five 5 star reviews there on Amazon.One reviewer at Best Buy Canada said:

I really like this product. It worked with my iPad almost instantly and since my laptop does not have Bluetooth I had to use the wire and it's working fine. Definitely worth the investment. I love how much big sound comes out of a speaker about the size of an iPhone.

As you can see, this buyer was very happy with their new speaker! They’ve got a party in their pocket and they’re not afraid to share it. :)

I love this deal because it undercuts all the other sales on this speaker at other retailers. Often Best Buy and Amazon match prices: this time amazon beats the nearest competition by nearly $10.

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  • Monica
    deal is over :( i literally just saw it for 69.99 and then it was over...
    • Anna W.
      Darn it! I told you that you had to be fast :)
    • Kayla
      It looks like the deal is back! $50.99 via Amazon so FREE shipping included
      • Kayla
        Oops! Nevermind. I see the prior posts were all the way back in March...
        • Avigayil M.
          Yes! Sometimes we bump deals if it is the same item but a much better price. :)