MONSTER HIGH Deluxe High School Bundle $49.99 Shipped @ The Bay

MONSTER HIGH Deluxe High School Bundle $49.99 Shipped @ The Bay

My littles love Monster High and I have to admit, I didn't really get it. I certainly didn't fill their Christmas Wish this year, of having their ownMONSTER HIGH Deluxe High School Bundle for $199.99! Having just spotted it at The Bay for $49.99, I'm rethinking my stance.

It really is a cool set that comes with a ton of stuff featuring:

  • multiple levels and rooms
  • office of Headmistress Bloodgood™ is seen when the clock tower is opened
  • front hallway doubles as a party room, there's a radio booth and signage above with seats made of tentacles
  • a classroom with blackboard and chairs
  • ancient Library/Study Howl
  • Creepateria™ - with a lunch line, register, table and tray
  • Vampire Lounge - with a pink and black quilted chair hanging from the ceiling
  • school Opens and closes for play and easy storage
  • 2 Dolls - which will vary by box I'm feeling better about the set and it's 75% off!

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