Monopoly Gamer for Only $9.93 @ Walmart Canada

Monopoly Gamer for Only $9.93 @ Walmart Canada

I actually couldn't believe it when I saw this price tag, but it's real! If you head to the Walmart Canada website right now, you can pick up Monopoly Gamer for $9.93!

This game is very similar to classic Monopoly, but it has one twist. Instead of the typical playing pieces, you move around the board as different Super Mario Characters – who all have their own special powers.

Instead of Monopoly money, you play with coins. There's a power-up die you roll to activate those special character abilities, and you have the chance to battle legendary bosses in the game.

But what's really incredible here is this price. The game usually sells for around $30 in Canada. In fact, the next closest price I could find anywhere else in the country is $29.75 (at

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