Mistura: Free Shipping + Free Gift With Purchase

Mistura: Free Shipping + Free Gift With Purchase


Introducing a Canadian company we have never had on the Bargain Moose before: Mistura!

Mistura is an Canadian based cosmetic company out of Ottawa made famous by it's appearance and success on The Dragon's Den. For those of you not familiar with the show on CBC, entrepreneurs go on the show to meet the dragons, 5 wealthy Canadian business owners, to try and garnish support and a little cash for their projects. Mistura was successful and got a deal with one of the dragons.

I don't know anything about Mistura's cosmetic products except that they successfully managed to conquer a dragon so there has to be something good about them! A big thank you to Mooser Roselie sending us this deal, if it wasen't for her I still would know nothing about them!

Currently they are offering this deal:

  • Free shipping on any purchase
  • Free Plum & Glow gradual lip plumper with $75 purchase (worth $21.99!)

Just add the Plum & Glow to your cart when you hit $75 and it will be automatically discounted.

They seem to be quite popular products. Do any of our readers use them?


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