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I recently discovered this website and wanted to show it to the Bargainmoosers. is a Chinese based company, something a bit like Dealextreme who we’ve mentioned on here quite a bit in the past. Now, there are many such clones of this type of site, but I wanted to highlight Minitake as everything on their site comes with totally free shipping to Canada!

There is a huge range of categories to choose from; consumer electronics to fashion & clothing. There’s even a $2 zone to check out. There are lots of little gadgets in there, for under $2 each. While some things might not necessarily be amazing (magnetic losing weight toe rings?), there could be some handy items; perhaps for kids party bags, stocking stuffers. Examples:

In our money-saving articles section here on Bargainmoose, Clare once wrote a piece about saving money on your wedding dress. And Minitake is just the type of site where you can try to do this. Some examples of wedding dresses on there:

These wedding dresses aren’t going to be quite the same quality as you’d get from paying thousands of dollars at a local bridal store. But, you’re talking a mere fraction of the price for a dress you’re going to be wearing for a fraction of a day. This is actually what my sister did – she bought two wedding dresses from cheap Chinese sites, chose the one she like and had some alterations done to give it a better fit. The alterations cost more than the wedding dress itself, but it was still a pittance compared to the price of a brand new dress from a local wedding boutique.

Shipping, Customs, Duties

As most of the savvy Bargainmoosers will already know, if you order anything over $20 in value to be shipped in to Canada, you run the risk of having to pay customs and duties at your door. Just keep that in mind if you are ordering any of the higher value items from Minitake. But, if you’re just ordering small trinkets and lower priced items, that shouldn’t be a problem at all – free shipping, no extra fees.


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