Minifigure Mold (LEGO Style) only $3.82 & Free Shipping @!

Minifigure Mold (LEGO Style) only $3.82 & Free Shipping @!

A couple of weeks ago, we shared the above video on our Facebook page. It’s a tutorial which shows you how to make your own stackable, snackable gummy candy in the shape of LEGO bricks and LEGO minifigures! We got a tremendous response to the video, with many people asking where they could buy the molds. Amazon is a great place to look for things like this, and I was searching for some this morning. I spotted a great price on a mold for the LEGO minifigures – it’s only $3.82 and that’s with free shipping to your home!

Please note that in my title I am stating “LEGO style” as these molds are probably not a genuine branded LEGO product. You’d probably pay three times this price in the LEGO store for a mold like this (example). The same one from Amazon themselves is $20 here! But the mold from the seller on Amazon looks pretty much identical to the one on the LEGO store, at a fraction of the price. I think that if you’re just going to give the gummies a try, you don’t want to spend a fortune and something like this is ideal to get you started.

The mold makes you eight minifigures, consisting of whatever material you decide to use. For example, as well as gummies, you could make chocolates, ice-cubes, anything!

When I put the above video on Facebook, many people were commenting that it was a BAD idea – getting your kids confused and possibly encouraging them to eat the real LEGOs. I don’t think this applies… my daughter is five years old and she absolutely loves her LEGO. She can easily see the difference between a piece of LEGO and a candy. Obviously, if you plan on doing this with younger children, there could be a question of confusion there… but LEGO does have certain age recommendations on it, and I’d make sure that you stick to those and always supervise the kids when playing too!

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