Millside Convertible Wagon/Sleigh $119.99 Shipped

Millside Convertible Wagon/Sleigh $119.99 Shipped

Where I am, nature can't seem to decide if it wants to be spring or winter. We're going from t-shirt weather to snowfall and back again. So the idea of a wagon that turns into a sleigh is extra appealing right now!

The Millside Industries Convertible Wagon/Sleigh is on sale at for $119.99 (reg. $149.99) and it includes free shipping!

This wagon comes with both tires and sleigh runners which can be changed up in no time at all. It's Canadian-made and features an extra long handle for easy pulling. Most wagons are great for 3-seasons, but a 4-season one will surely come in extra handy.

This same wagon is also on sale at Chapters for the slightly lower price of $111.96, but you will need to pay extra for shipping.


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