Microsoft Store: Monster Outlets Global Adapter Was $25 | Now $10 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Microsoft Store: Monster Outlets Global Adapter Was $25 | Now $10 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


When travelling abroad, the most important thing to own is a global adapter. If you find yourself in a country with a different outlet than Canada, the global adapter will be your best friend. Originally $24.95, Microsoft Canada has discounted the Monster Outlets To Go 200 Global Adapter to $9.97 with free shipping.

The Monster Outlets Global Adapter features adjustable prongs that let you connect to any type AC outlet. This little device has your back covered in over 150 countries. I actually travelled to England a few years ago to discover that I had brought the wrong adapter. That trip taught me the value of a global adapter over a single adapter - you will never accidentally bring the wrong prong.

Once you plug the device in, there are two global outlets for you to connect any type of device. It does not matter what kind of plug your device has, as each outlet plug has all the right holes. One of the outlets is on top of the device (two-prong) and the other outlet is on the front of the device (two or three-prong). The two prong works well for personal electronics like cell phones and tablet. The three-prong is necessary for charging larger electronics like laptops.

The retractable plug on the back folds in so the To Go 200 is ultra-portable. This sweet little adapter also includes a USB port so you can charge your external speaker, smart phone, MP3 player, and more directly from the wall. I could not find this sweet little device many places, but I did find it at Amazon Canada for $31.82. That is over three-times the price of the one currently on clearance at Microsoft Canada. Most places I found this device in the USA charged $20 or more.

I am super jealous of this little unit. I have a universal adapter that only has one 'input' outlet and does not have the USB feature whatsoever. It also has individual pieces for each different AC Outlet. They all stick together neatly, but it is still a pain to take them apart and figure out which one to use.

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