OfficeforMac: Save $40 on Office 2011 for Mac ($119)

OfficeforMac: Save $40 on Office 2011 for Mac ($119)


OfficeforMac is offering the illustrious Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Home & Student edition for $40 off it's usual price of $159. It is the downloadable version off their website. I would suggest after you download it, back it up. I have recovered my 2007 version that way when the hard drive went on my laptop!

Now I know their are two camps, those who are against anything Microsoft ever touching a Mac. Then there are those who don't care or who are willing. I fall into the latter, primarily because Office for Mac makes my documents compatible with my teachers, and I can open powerpoints and other docs my teachers use in class. Thus, I honestly don't think I could uni. without it.

Offer Expires 6th, January 2011.


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  • Abby
    I'm not in the "nothing Microsoft" camp, since I have Windows installed in a virtual machine on my Mac, but I still really dislike Office. I switched to OpenOffice (free, a while back and though it took me a few months of side-by-side use to get used to it, I ditched Word after the second or third month. That was probably a year ago now, and I haven't missed it once. I never thought I'd be saying this (I really disliked OO before), but I'm a loyal OpenOffice user now. Plus, if your computer crashes, it's easy to get it installed again! :D