Microsoft Office Package For Only $99!

Microsoft Office Package For Only $99!


If you're not a student or teacher, then you wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the recent deal for Microsoft Office 2007 for $64. The next best option could be this new deal from Microsoft Canada. They're offering the Microsoft Office 2007 package for only $99, which is a 60% reduction on the regular price.

Click here to order Microsoft Office 2007 for $99

As you can see, you can purchase your copy in either French or English. Vous pouvez acheter Microsoft Office en francais, ou en anglais. How's my french!? The package includes all the programs which you would use on a regular basis, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

I recently started using Office 2007, mostly Microsoft word, for writing up all my daily blog posts for you Bargainmoosers. I found it quite a bit different to Office 2003, but I am slowly getting used to where all the buttons and features are.


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