Mermaid Or Shark Blankets For $17.70 Shipped

Mermaid Or Shark Blankets For $17.70 Shipped

These shark and mermaid blankets make Saturday morning cartoons a whole lot cuter. And the price will leave you lots of money leftover for fish food (aka goldfish crackers).

The mermaid blankets are made of a soft plush material and come in pink/blue, purple/green or blue/turquoise. The opening is trimmed to look like fish-scales. They start at $20.48 shipped.

The cozy shark blanket comes with fins, and is complete with eyes and shark teeth for as low as $17.71 shipped. Both blankets come in several sizes to fit whatever size fish are in your school.

Now throw in a Finding Dory DVD, treat yourselves to some sushi and you have a complete themed gift.

The shark and mermaid blankets are 39% off for today only in celebration of singles day.


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